How Can You Support Her Desire…

Feeling soooo happy Craig went to LA for Ignited Man (OneTaste event to teach men how to be in relationship with a TurnedOn Woman) this weekend.

We have two things we struggle with in our relationship.

1. My reaction to his upset about mess on the table and the way he communicates about it to Noah;

2. His reaction when I connect with another man.

It’s so hard for me to experience his pain.…

How To Keep A Woman’s Attention

We’ve all been there.

In the middle of a conversation with a girl when WHAM!

And you have NO IDEA what to say next.

Maybe you even prepared to have things to say but you’ve totally forgotten what they are. And then you become uncomfortable about the silence which makes it even worse.…

Save Some For The Next Date

Here’s a “rookie mistake” that I see the beginners on my list make all the time:

They use my rapport techniques to build a very strong rapport with a woman, have a six-hour DEEP conversation on a first date with the conversation techniques they have learned… and then they RUN OUT OF THINGS TO SAY ON THE SECOND DATE!…

How to Attract Women without Talking

Learning how to attract women without talking takes a little practice and some preparation, but the results are well worth it. First of all, it is very important to remember that if you want to seduce women, looks are important. Unless a woman is blind, she will see you before she gets to know you. Before you even open your mouth to talk to her, she knows if she wants you. Making that right first impression is key to luring her in. This doesn’t mean you have to look like Brad Pitt to attract women, you just have to show …

Dating Tips To Attract The Woman You Desire

The men folk are always overenthusiastic about their date and need to inculcate patience by seeking tips on dating, if they really want to be successful on their perfect date. A guy is usually under the impression that their coveted date is the most beautiful girl on this planet and in their enthusiasm of making a good impression of themselves on the girl, sometimes becomes too eager, which may be not be liked by a girl.…

Relationship Advice For Women or Men – Encourage Desired Actions

This video Relationship Advice For Women or Men – Encourage Desired Actions by Darren Miller talks about how to build confidence and how to encourage each other whenever in a relationship.

It’s not unlikely that sometimes, for some reason, your partner can only make one phone call or be able to clean the house only once in a blue moon. And you might be thinking of ways to encourage them to do that often.…

Truth About Date Sites

Who dosen’t want to meet the person of there dreams fall in love and perhaps get married? Iknow your reading this and thinking “Not Me” or make your like “Where can i find that dream partner?” Dating has changes so much from a face to face experience to a much more peep and see if this person meet my match on which ever dating site that you enjoy and go to most. I can run u a list of sites that have the same set up.…

Relationship Questions & Answers

Q. Dear Coach, what is it women see in guys who treat them bad?
I am 27 never even been on a date yet. I work with a guy same
age who refers to all women as “a ho” and he has very beautiful
women of all ages hanging all over him. He has a history of
beating women. I know everyone says be nice and you will be fine
but the truth is women want guys who treat them bad not a guy
who treats them with respect. Why is that? ~~ Greg…