How to Attract Women without Talking

Learning how to attract women without talking takes a little practice and some preparation, but the results are well worth it. First of all, it is very important to remember that if you want to seduce women, looks are important. Unless a woman is blind, she will see you before she gets to know you. Before you even open your mouth to talk to her, she knows if she wants you. Making that right first impression is key to luring her in. This doesn’t mean you have to look like Brad Pitt to attract women, you just have to show …

Relationship Questions & Answers

Q. Dear Coach, what is it women see in guys who treat them bad?
I am 27 never even been on a date yet. I work with a guy same
age who refers to all women as “a ho” and he has very beautiful
women of all ages hanging all over him. He has a history of
beating women. I know everyone says be nice and you will be fine
but the truth is women want guys who treat them bad not a guy
who treats them with respect. Why is that? ~~ Greg…